Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love & Guts

6 weeks ago I was stuck in a job I hated and wouldn't quit because I was too scared to upset my boss and too scared to not have an income (with the state of the economy blah blah blah).

By the grace of G*d, I got fired. Thank YOU!

I went into a little panic but then quickly got into action to look for a new job but the thought of sitting at a desk again from 9-5, working for "the man" made me nauseous. I decided to get some help from my friends and luckily for me my 7 best girlfriends are all life coaches ( sorry, gotta plug my girls...

Anyway, they totally inspired me to go after my dream, in fact we made a game out of it, a sort of competition to see who could have the best magic in their life in 6 weeks time. My dream has been for a long time to open my own yoga studio, a place where people can heal themselves, strengthen and quiet their minds. I made the leap and started to go for it 100%.
Mind you...everything in my life said DON'T DO THIS! GET A REAL JOB! are broke, a single mom, newly engaged, no savings, no credit cards, no sign of money anywhere, you have bad credit, you will never get a loan, you have never run a yoga studio, your not certified to teach, your scared and what if you cant feed your kid!....THESE WERE JUST A FEW OF MY REASONS WHY NOT.

Regardless, I decided to believe otherwise. I decided to believe that anything is possible and I can have anything I am willing to believe in, to KNOW it shall be, no matter what.

And so I did and so it is!

I just started, I made a list of "to do's" and did them all, I
wrote a biz plan, I got investors...and as my coach would say, I just followed the yellow brick road...meaning I just did what there was to do and trusted the universe to guide me such that even when things didn't go as I planned I looked at those glitches as the universe re-directing me to a better path.

Needless to say, it has been almost exactly six weeks and my dream is a done deal. Got the money I need, got my lease, got a plan and have so many people around me wanting to help. It has become a force of its own.

The moral of this story is "DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE in your head or in the world...nothing is a hard as your mind or people make it out to be...Live your dream, I dare you!"

Blackbird's Grand Opening will be on 9.9.09!

Love & Guts,