Friday, August 7, 2009

The Universe Rocks!

Been learning a great lesson lately.
When things don't go your way, it's not a necessarily a bad thing.
Hm. Who Knew!?

Usually when things don't go my way or the way I planned I get very upset, defeated, angry at G*d and the world and you can hear me mumble "See!...things never work out for me..." and then I go into a few days or weeks of a poor Linda pity party until I finally get sick enough of myself and get back on the horse. Pretty dramatic huh?

I recently started looking at it all a bit differently......only because I realized I HAD to if I really wanted to get what I really wanted...crying over it suddenly seemed so futile and well, dumb...believe me, I would happily stay a drama queen if I thought that would help, but the drama well has officially run dry and well I supposed its time to grow up and take it like a man, as they say.

As you know, I have been working like crazy to get Blackbird off the ground. And At first everything was flying right along and then I hit a few hurdles, cried, whined, moaned and then jumped them and kept going, but then another hurdle and then recently a doozey! We had to back out of the lease for the space we wanted in Wilton. Ugh. I had worked for months on that deal, but as it came to fruition more and more details of the building were revealed and it became clear this was a bad deal. I was devastated for about an evening and a half. And then I remembered, this lesson that seems to keep being presented to me... each time I hit a barrier the resolution has been so much better than previous situation I can't help but feel blessed that my original plan didn't turn out. And this "obstacle" was no exception, we lost the Wilton space but we found Georgetown! Yay Georgetown! Wow, SO MUCH BETTER. Cheaper, Nicer, Perfecter than I could have even been willing to dream for.

It has become crystal clear to me...the universe has got your back. It purposely places obstacles in your way for two reasons...firstly, so you can learn something and secondly, to lead you in a different direction, the right direction. If you are willing to relax and trust and let it all be OK,
the universe will not let you down. Amen!

Blackbird's new home is 28 Main Street Georgetown, CT!
We are still aiming for our 9.9.09 Grand Opening.
We will keep you posted.

In the Universe we trust.


  1. That is an amazingly comforting and inspiring thought, that the universe has my back. At times it certainly seems to be working against me, but if you keep the thought it mind that it is all for my benefit and if I keep working towards my goal, it was all for the best, for a better appreciation of and realization of my dream. Keep at it!

  2. My sentiments exactly. Bravo to you and going with the flow to realize your dream. I take inspiration from you.


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